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Copper Wire Swirl Earrings

10 USD

These handmade earrings were made from coated copper wire that was shaped into a swirly pattern, then lightly hammered and hung from antiqued copper hooks.

If you'd like hypoallergenic surgical steel hooks instead, please let me know during the checkout process. I can swap them for you, free of charge. :)

~Approx. 1-1/2" long
~Approx. 1" wide

All of the copper has been treated with an anti-tarnish coating that should also prevent it from greening your skin. If this wears off, a thin coat of clear fingernail polish will seal it up again. Rubbing the wire with wax would also help.

To prolong the life of your jewelry, avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, soaps, detergents, sunscreen, pool chemicals, and sweat. If your jewelry contacts any of these substances, gently wash with water then dry off the earrings immediately with a soft cloth. :)


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